When the shot counts, our gear will keep your mind on target.

Hunt Forward

We have spent a lot of time in the field asking “What if..?”, noodling through gadgets, and testing gear to learn what makes our hunts simpler, more productive, and more successful.

At Hague & Sons, we hope our products will help you hunt forward, go that extra mile, get over that next hill, and spend less time fighting your equipment and more time getting your shot.

Impact-driven Cartridge Comparison

Take the guesswork out of what cartridge fits your long range hunting style.

Our online cartridge comparator is the first of its kind, comparing the downrange ballistics of all common hunting cartridges at once! The process is simple: enter your required bullet impact energy, your maximum range, some details about the rifle, and BANG! Our comparator will show all cartridges that will do the job.

Shoot Straight

We provide precision oriented gunsmith services, from ground-up custom builds to laser engraving barrels and everything in between.

We specialize in PRS/NRL-style competition rifles, ultralight hunting rifles, and laser engraving services. We strive to employ the best techniques, cutting edge materials, and out-of-the-box design to give our customers the best tools on the market so when it counts, you can hunt forward and shoot straight.