Bolt Action Rifle Gunsmith Services

Custom Rifle Building: We make custom rifles from the ground up, all budgets and shooting disciplines. Whether it’s for hunting or competition, we’ll build you exactly what you want, to the most exacting tolerances.

Chambering: Get the utmost precision out of your rifle with a new barrel. Whether it’s a barrel replacement on your tried-and-true rifle or a cartridge change to switch things up, get freedom of choice and the highest precision on the platform you already have. Take a look at our Long Range Hunting Cartridge Comparator here.

Muzzle Threading: If you want a muzzle brake or suppressor for your rifle, we will thread the muzzle of your barrel to host it. If needed, we can machine your brake or barrel shoulder to keep your device timed or “clocked” at the correct angle to your barrel axis. If your muzzle is already threaded, we will install your muzzle device and time it as necessary.

Action Accurizing or “Blueprinting”: If you have an existing Remington 700 or Tikka Action, we will minutely machine particular surfaces within the action to bring the working surfaces to a higher level of accuracy than the original manufacturer can produce at the factory. This will typically require a new chambering operation to be performed on the barrel or a new barrel. 

Bedding: To relieve as much undo stress as possible on the action as it is torqued into the stock, creating consistency and torque tolerance. We use epoxy to fill the minute gaps between the action and the action inlet within the stock. Most chassis do not require bedding.

Optics Mounting: To get the most out of the adjustments within the scope, the scope must be level while mounting and while taking the shot. We will mount your scope to your rifle with our own technique that guarantees level and accuracy when it counts.

Laser Engraving and Stippling: See our Laser Service Page HERE.