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custom ar barrels

Custom Ar Barrels — Everything You Need To Know

The barrel is presumably the most important component of your AR-15. It determines the types of rounds you can shoot, your accuracy, and the distance you can touch and reach out to targets. The right barrel can make or break an AR build. Today, we’ll go over everything with a comprehensive guide to custom AR barrels!

What Are Custom AR Barrels?

The custom AR Barrel is likely the most significant alteration that you can make to the rifle itself. The barrel helps determine accuracy results, caliber, range, and length of the weapon. It also has a direct impact on the rifle’s weight and maneuverability in narrow spaces.

The barrel is an important component of any firearm. An explosive charge propels the projectile, or bullet, through the barrel. The barrel is connected to a receiver, which houses the firearm’s operable parts, such as a magazine that holds the ammunition.

Which Type of AR Barrel Is the Best?

When planning your new AR build, you might just select any old barrel as long as it’s the right caliber and length. However, there are various types of barrels, and these distinctions do matter.

Cold Hammer Forged

Cold hammer forged barrels are known in short as ‘CHF.’ A barrel blank with a mandrel inside is used in the production of CHF barrels. The shape, or reverse image, of the rifling and twist rate is represented on this mandrel. The barrel blank and mandrel are placed in a forge, and four hammers are hammered down on all sides to create the rifling in the barrel.

Cut Rifled

The original rifling method, which is now completed with modern machinery. A hook is pulled via a rotating barrel blank that cuts away material to form the rifling at a specific twist rate to make a cut-rifled barrel. Before the process is finished, this hook must be pulled through the bore of the barrel on multiple passes.

Button Rifled

Button rifling is a lightning-fast process that allows manufacturers to produce a large number of barrels quickly. To generate rifling in barrel bores, an extremely hard button made of tungsten carbide with the reverse shape of the rifling is used. Depending on the manufacturer’s preference, the button can be pushed or pulled through the barrel blank.

How Are Custom AR Barrels Measured?

The barrel length is measured from the closed bolt to the end of the barrel or permanently attached muzzle device. Wrap a small piece of tape around the portion of the rod, or dowel, that just clears the barrel or muzzle device. Then, remove the measuring tool from the barrel and take measurements with a tape measure or yardstick.

It is always a great idea to know the exact length of your barrel because a few millimeters too short makes a big difference when it comes to ATF. If you find that your barrel is a little shorter than you expected, consider permanently attaching your muzzle device.

Remember, it is not sufficient to measure the barrel before it is placed in your upper receiver. Ignoring the law does not excuse you from compliance. It is always safe to be sure.

Where Can I Purchase a Custom AR Barrel?

There are numerous custom AR barrel manufacturers available. Even if you have an idea of which to choose, you must also choose which barrel. Consider all of your options before deciding on a barrel. If you’re not sure, the expert you choose will assist you in choosing a barrel that offers the accuracy, durability, and overall quality you need for your intentional use.

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