Our online store is closed for maintenance.  Please check back soon!


Our online store is closed for maintenance.  Please check back soon!

Semi-Automatic Rifle Gunsmith Services

Custom Rifle Building: We will bring your dream AR into reality. From mild to wild, or from ultralight coyote hunting to a heavy competition build, we will work with you to get it right.

Barrel Installation: If you have burned out your barrel, or want to switch to a new cartridge. We can take a pre-chambered barrel and install it correctly. *Depending on the cartridge you’ve chosen, you may need a new bolt head, and/or gas system.

Chambering: To get the most accuracy out of your AR platform, we can chamber a barrel blank to your cartridge of choice and fit a new barrel extension and create a gas port as necessary.

Muzzle Threading: If you want a muzzle brake or suppressor for your rifle, we will thread the muzzle of your barrel to host it. If needed, we can machine your brake or barrel shoulder to keep your device timed or “clocked” at the correct angle to your barrel axis. If your muzzle is already threaded, we will install your muzzle device and time it as necessary.

Aftermarket Part Installation: If you’d like to change your handguard, grip, buttstock, trigger, lower or upper, we can perform those swaps for you. If you’d like to lighten your setup with titanium parts, or make your precision system more stable with heavier components, we can recommend and install any and all parts.

Optics Mounting: From a red dot with a deployable magnifier to a precision-oriented rifle scope, we will get it mounted up for you, leveled, and ready for your next engagement.

Laser Engraving and Stippling: See our Laser Service Page HERE.